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Petgirl Lucky is getting leashedThis MILF has no dignity at allShoe licking by petgirl Lucky

There are many things than turn men on and petgirls training process is one of the strongest. Think of a beautiful lady boss wearing a classic business suit who goes on all fours and who loses her entire dignity by licking the shoes of her master! Being collared and leashed is an integral part of the training process: Lucky looks extremely sexy once put on a chain!

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Chained petgirl Candy is going to be fed from a bowl

In most cases petgirls aren't allowed to wear any clothes or shoes. Candy however is having on a pair of classy high heels. Maybe this is because of her owner is foot fetish fanatic?

It's feeding time so petgirl Candy sits besides her bowl, waiting for the food. The woman is totally naked and wearing tight leather collar over her neck. Chain leash prevents submissive girl from moving around. There is nothing she can do other than sit on the floor with her legs spread wide.

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What I like about petgirl Candy is the fact that her pussy is shaved. It looks that owner spends lot of time taking cage of the bitch. Think of how nice it is - to shave pubic hair down from a petgirl. I bet you would like to try that!

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Being collared and leashed are the two things petgirls enjoy: nothing makes a submissive woman happier than being controlled with tight leather belt placed around her neck and with a short chain attached!

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